Carmichael SDA Church Bulletin

May 18, 2024    Pastor Benji Ferguson

While this isn't an official Youth Sabbath this weekend, it is a Youth Sabbath. I'm so excited that almost the entire service is High School students. Our Praise team this week even kicked me out of the band! I do not take for granted that Carmichael is a wonderful bubble in Christianity where intergenerational worship isn't just something that is a token week. It is who we are and what we do. You have purposefully and intentionally built that culture over the last two decades and it is special.

My sermon this week comes from me being distracted last time we had communion. I found a text that I don't think I'd fully read before as I was processing Jesus' last night with His disciples. I talked to Dr. Steve Case afterwards and asked if he'd ever heard a sermon on that text...he said he couldn't recall one, so I decided then that it would be my next sermon. I've been challenged as I've prepared, but also encouraged. I hope you walk away from this week with more hope and gratitude than you had before. I can't wait to worship with you this weekend!

Pastor Benji