Theme: The Empowered Church
The Source of Empowerment (Acts 1-2)
The Church that Empowers (Acts 3-4)
Empowering the Church (Acts 5-7)
Theme: Missions
Beyond Jerusalem (Acts 8)
Unlikely Missionaries (Acts 9:31-10:48)
The Mission Field (Acts 9:31-11:30)
Ministry Teams (Acts 12-16:34)
Into Asia Minor & Greece (Acts 17-19)
Theme: The Cost
Leaving Friends Behind (Acts 20)
Wherever God Leads (Acts 21)
Having a Testimony (Acts 22-26)
Comfortable with Discomfort (Acts 27-28)
People slow down their lives to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.
  1. Confront the Crisis of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
  2. Know and Become Your Authentic Self in Christ
  3. Discover How Your Family of Origin Affects You Today
  4. Find Your Way Through "Walls" to Grow into Maturity
  5. Enlarge Your Soul Through Embracing Grief and Loss
  6. Integrate Silence and Sabbath to Slow Down for Jesus
  7. Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult
  8. Design a Lifelong Plan to Live in God's Love

Courses are 8 weeks long once a week. 
Contact Pastor Pedro Trinidad for future dates and information. or (916) 487-8684 ext 13