Carmichael SDA Church Bulletin

Apr 6, 2024    Ingrid Wray

This is Ingrid Wray's story of her mother's amazing courage, but even more, her amazing faith in the God who guides us even in the valley of the shadow of death.

Try to imagine the challenges a young mother, who by the age of 24 has already had four girls and has lost one of them to illness in a refugee camp. She is then forced to take the remaining three girls, gather a few clothes and documents and flee on a horse drawn wagon for six months to avoid the Russian armies. Later, reunited with her POW husband the family is able to settle near Berlin and build their own home, but a few years later they are forced to escape from East Germany as political refugees. The youngest daughter, only eleven years old, has to be the last one to leave the home and must find her way across the border to West Germany on her own.