Carmichael SDA Church Bulletin

May 25, 2024    Pastor Marvin Wray

I have found that many people have a difficult time understanding and/or feeling comfortable with the concept of God's calling. What, exactly, is that supposed to feel like? How do I know for sure if God is calling me to a specific ministry or job or relationship? I have certainly felt a "calling" to ministry. It came when I was quite young and even when I walked away from God I knew that "calling" was still there. Then when I surrendered to Him I knew immediately what I was to do. A calling is not often an audible voice and it often is not even an overwhelming feeling. I believe that each and every one of us is called, but we are called to Him rather than to a task. Once we are surrendered to Him then we will begin to see, often slowly and step by step, how He wants to work through us by living in us. My prayer is that you will be open to His leading and His calling as you renew your minds to be transformed by Him rather than conformed to the calling of the world.