Carmichael SDA Church Bulletin

Apr 27, 2024    Pastor Marvin Wray

Trees are majestic! I love to visit the Redwoods or the Sequoia forests. Some of them are just amazing to gaze at, or to sit beneath and feel so small. Then there are the giants that have fallen and exposed their root systems and I am even more entranced. As much as I love to look at the tallest and broadest trees I am. somehow humbled when I see the massive root system that has held them in place and provided them with nourishment, sometimes through centuries of time. The church is sometimes compared to a tree. It is a tree that is to bear fruit, but that only happens if we rely upon the roots for life and support. Only as we are securely connected to the vine and to the Root can we have life. We need to feed that which gives us life.