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Every week we provide this study to get you thinking about the upcoming sermon on Sabbath.  Though you could study everything in this study, the idea is to familiarize you with the idea and concepts. Don't feel like you have to do an exhaustive study. You can through it in one sitting or take several days to let in sink in deeper.


John 5:1-14
  1. What had Jesus done in the previous chapter that led to the healing of the blind man? John 4
    • He met the Samaritan woman
    • He healed the official's son who was sick
    • Other.
  2. John 5:1 states that Jesus went back to Jerusalem. Where did he travel from, according to John 4?
    • Samaria
    • Cana in Galilee
    • Other.
  3. Describe the atmosphere and location of where the healing took place. John 5:1-6
    • At a pool, near the Sheep Gate at the Temple in Jerusalem.
    • The pool had five roofed colonnades.
    • There were many invalids laying there.
    • People were anticipating the moving of the waters.
    • Other.
  4. What was the blind man's response to Jesus' question of wanting to heal? John 5:6-7
    • He didn't answer in the affirmative.
    • He offered an explanation of why he hasn't been cured yet.
    • He focused on his disability instead of the question Jesus asked.
    • He obeyed Jesus after Jesus declared him healed.
  5. What was the reaction of the Jews to the healing? John 5:10-13
    • They were concerned that the healing was done illegally (on the Sabbath)
    • They inquired as to how the man got healed.
    • There was no celebration or positive reaction to the healing.
    • Other.
  6. What did Jesus say to the healed man when he found him in the temple? John 5:14
    • Declared him healed again.
    • Commanded him to sin no more.
    • Warned him that something worse could happen to him.
    • Other.


There are 2 groups of people needing growth in this story:
The blind man and the Jews as a collective group.

The invalid man had been in his condition for so long that when Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed, he gave excuses as to why he wasn't healed yet. Have you been in long-lasting situation that you just can't believe that today is actually the day of your healing/breakthrough? How many years have you come to church Sabbath after Sabbath waiting for the moving of the waters, all the while Jesus approaches us with a simple question of "do you want to be healed."

The other characters in this story are the Jews. They were incredulous too. They didn't think that Jesus, a common man, according to them, could heal and have that kind of authority to decide what happens on the Sabbath. Nobody wants to be compared to the "the Jews" yet we have all probably been them.  We get so caught up on tradition and customs that when someone doesn't go along with expectations, someone who isn't playing by the rule book, we may take it personal that someone is getting a blessing and we are not. The Jews should have been celebrating this healing and could have had a better Sabbath experience. 


After Jesus had healed the man in the temple, He could have moved on to the next person and let the man be. Yet, Christ meets him again and affirms the man, letting him know the how and who of his healing.

In this story, Jesus demonstrates the importance of knowing who the Author of our salvation is. In other healing stories, the healed person knows who healed them. The sick man didn't know who Jesus was in this story even though he had met him by the poolside. Jesus can heal many people without knowing Him. Our follow-up visit to these souls lets them know who is the Author of their healing and salvation. We don't have to take credit for the healing, but we give glory to God. 

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